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Zaragoza bullfight tickets 2019 'La Misericordia' bullring in Zaragoza

The Pilar Festival and San Jorge Fair

Tickets sales information:

Season tickets sale (season passes):
- at Servitoro that is the official online tickets sale
- at ticket box office of the Bullring from september 19 of 23

Single tickets sale (daily tickets): single tickets prebooking for the whole season 2019.
- Buy your official tickets at Servitoro or calling +34 963308593. Online Public sales will begin approximately two weeks before the box office opens.
- At Bullfight’s ticket box office. The box office may be open during the week of the performance. (dates to be confirmed)

Ticket office opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 13:30 p.m. and from 17:00 p.m. to 20:00 p.m. Sundays morning . And the same day from 10:30 a.m. until the beginning of the bullfight.

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Bullfighting festivities in Zaragoza

The Pilar Fair 2019 is held from October 5 to 13 with a subscription that includes two steer-bullfights, a bullfight with horses and six bullfights. La Misericordia bullring also becomes the epicenter of the popular celebration with bulls, with heifer mornings from day 6 to 13 and six varied festivities throughout the Fair that include trimmings, rings and the fire bull.

 The figures star in this year's posters, with doubles by Enrique Ponce, El Juli, Manzanares and Cayetano, who come with a season full of successes. El Cid will say goodbye to the Aragonese fans in their year of goodbye to the bullrings and the Seville charm of Morante de la Puebla will also be present. The local young bullfighter Jorge Isiegas will take the alternative with a luxury sign, with El Juli as godfather and José María Manzanares as a witness in front of bulls from Núñez del Cuvillo. The winner of the San Jorge Fair, López Simón, will also be present.

 The number ones of the art of horse-bullfighting make up the poster that will open the Fair, and the most prominent young bullfighters of this season will also have the opportunity to succeed in the last great fair of 2019.

Bullfights in Zaragoza

The capital of Aragón celebrates the Fair of San Jorge, around its festivity on April 23. It usually consists of two bullfights, one of which is a livestocks competition.

And it celebrates its great Fair of El Pilar around October 12, day of the Patroness. It starts the previous Saturday and lasts eight days. There are 9 bullfights, usually 2 steer bullfights, 6 bullfights and a final one of with horses.

It’s the last great fair of the Spanish season and the one desired by most of bullfighters to close the year in Spain, so that the figures of the scale and the most outstanding bullfighters of the campaign come to Zaragoza.


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