Zaragoza bullring

Plaza de toros Zaragoza 'La Misericordia' bullring in Zaragoza

Zaragoza bullring history

Also known as ‘La Misericordia’ or Pignatelli bullring, the bullring of Zaragoza is one of the oldest in Spain. This denomination is due to the initiative of its construction of Ramón Pignatelli, alderman of the Hospital and the House of Mercy, where the benefits were destined.

The initial bullring, built in 70 days, was inaugurated on October 8, 1764. Throughout the years, different renovations and extensions were made, the most important in 1916. In charge of the architects Miguel Ángel Navarro Pérez and Manuel Martínez of Ubago, the rows were extended, the porch and ambulatory were equipped, the infirmary and offices were built ... and the result is the current aspect.

In the Pilar Fair of 1990, the bullring launched the first mobile roof in Spain, justified by the inclemencies usual at those dates and that allowed to diversify the functions of the bullring to celebrate other kind of events. Finally, in 2002 the renovation of the rows took place, to gain space for the benefit of the spectators' comfort.

It is neo-Mudejar style, has three floors and its ring measures 48 meters. The Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza is the owner, is a first class one and has capacity for 10,300 people.

Seating Chart of Zaragoza

Plaza toros Zaragoza
Piso 2º:
Delantera de Andanada

Delantera de Grada

Tendido Filas de la 9 y ss.
Tendido Filas de la 1-8
Delantera de Tendido

Barrera Fila 2
Barrera Fila 1



Vicente Gómez Salvo, Calle de Ramón Pignatelli, 120, 50004 Zaragoza  


1st category



Currently, it is the only bullring on the Iberian Peninsula with a mobile cover roof, which is justified by the inclement weather during its large fair, the Pilar, in honor of the Virgin, patroness of the city and Aragón, which is celebrated almost mid October.


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